Tuesday, 1 February 2011

From this to - ?

I have been sourcing materials these last few days, this is what is sourced so far, most of the materials are surplus from the workshop.

Materials purchased is the steel rod 8mm, two cutting wheel from axminster tools, two 3mm metric counter screws from Euro fasteners.

The two knurled nut shown and the 12mm brass bolt from theworkshop. I am still not sure about these maybe I will use them, hmm, or try and source new but in steel.The timber is an off cut of Bali.

As above possible materials , 8mm bar cut to 225mm  and drilled with 3mm drill, + m3 tap

Below cutter end with 4mm shouldered flange, back end Screw storage, countersinking  back end.

I decided to drilled the back end of the 8mm rod as shown to add a spare screw holder, head screws get worn or lost so thought it would be a good idea to add this little extra.

Above back end with spare screw fitted , front end Cutter fitted, + completed rod 225mm.

well that's the simple bits done,stayed tuned, feel free to leave any comment here, or on the forum thread. Martin


Mark Rhodes said...

Looks good...a marking/cutting gauge I presume? I have toyed with the idea of getting more into metal work. Mainly for making jigs, and furniture components. What's more useful a lathe or a mill, or do they go hand in hand together?

Martin said...

hi mark,
thanks you for your comments feel free to pop in any time you wish or join as a follower.

to me a traditional joinery project and any necessary metal components that make the piece as authentic as possible go hand in hand and should be made by the joiner doing the job, then you say can truly say I made that,no other's has had a hand in it in any way at all. hc