Sunday, 10 July 2011

Timber storage + corner workstation

Hi, I soon realised when I started machining my wheel marking gauges brass bits (still on going) that I had to have a more accurate drill press, + more importantly a dedicated section in the work shop a for metal working section, this section has to include a sharpening section, a pillar drill , small lathe, large metal vice, grinders, metal working tools storage, and of course timber storage + ply sheeting storage .I forgot to say I have also to include my axminster belt sanding station as well into this corner. Hmm interesting it's going to be tight.

The storage  racking section built all from 50mm x 50mm prepared mortice and tenons wedged glued and pinned with 100mm *50mm prepared cross section  housed  framing to support the  work surface of 18mm MDF .

I have also decided to build into the bench top a turntable to  make it a centre for the grinder,  polishing  machine and   Dakota plane blade sharpener  so there all together, select anyone with the turn of a wheel. Next to come will be the framing to form a narrow bench over the top of this.

The turntable  cut from  from half sheets of 18mm MDF.  Machined  with two circles cut at approx 6mm depth to house the 12.7mm ball bearing  as seen below.

In the next three pic it show all three machine placed on the turn table, but this is now to be reduced to two machines only As I really don't like the Dakota wet wheel, to be disposed of. the scary sharpening you see on the turn table is now  longer use there and has increased in size as  well.

Turn table has now been  machined, and  fitted along with the left and right hand  bench work surface  shortly after I fitted a wrought iron angle iron to the bench edges  on both work surfaces. On  too the left end of the left work surface a I fitted a very large  metal working vice, To  the rear of this vice as seen in pics this is where I will hang all my files and hacksaws etc. The right hand surface  this has become my  hand sharpening area as seen below.

The bench now built meant I had time now to plan ply storage, over head storage and  a place for my  sanding centre.


Basically  what you see here is  half the metal working area , over in the left hand corner  will be another cabinet  for a small metal working lath to sit on  and store  all the necessary tooling , plus  my  new Axminster floor standing drill  to complete the metal working area of my workshop , but that will be another thread. Martin.


Mark Rhodes said...

Blimey, you've been busy. Really like the turntable, consider that one pinched...

Martin said...
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Martin said...

Hi Mark from one joiner to another your more than welcome to pinch any ideas of mine be sure I will pinch some of your ideas haha.