Saturday, 16 June 2012

Axminster modified drill tidy.

Since I bought this drill tidy every time I looked at it. :hmm: to much vacant space left on it which you can only lie things on which sort of defeats the the idea of a drill tidy.

So seeing I'm waiting for my Inverter for this drill to arrive thought it's about time I attacked it and improved on it's holding capacity.

My design is simple, I didn't want to lose it's original design and bit holding capacity so I simple cut two mdf circle to fit the size of the original tray one from 6mm and the other 18mm and screwed them together (no glue) I then cut around the original drill holes. I marked out a couple of semi circle and spaced them out where the new drills will go, but haven't drilled any hole yet just mark there position with a small counter sink, reason being different drill sizes different shaft sizes so I'll drill them as and when I buy new drill bits, I want all bits will have there own storage place,also I want to place the small bit at the front of the semi circle with the taller bits at the back so when you reach in you don't scratch your wrists on the ends of larger sharp drill bits, ouch.

When I buy the new drill bits, I Simple remove the MDF circles and separate the two and drill the hole in the 18mm mdf only, then screw them back together this then forms the bottom of the drill holes with the 6mm base MDF reattached.

Reassemble and mounted on the drill column the mdf is also screwed to the tray base from underneath which has also removed the twist in the plastic tray platform. Plus this idea still has vacant storage space on the front of the disc so if I need to expand I can simple fill that area and I can swivel the hole disc 360 degrees if I prefer to do it that way depending on what bit is required at the time of use. enjoy. Kind regards. hc

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