Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Craftsman Routers

hi all

I have this lovely old Craftsman router  which I obtained through a job lot  when bidding on something else, I decided to keep this as it is in good working condition,  it has now become my favorite router that i reach for every time I need one.

I have tried sourcing a new switch for it  from America, the few website i did find a replacement switch they would not ship outside of the states grr.

As seen above the router  switch which is a sideways click on or off , sometimes when in use it jumps  off  i need to keep my thumb on it  to stop it happening.

I managed to source a micro adjustment fence from e bay a few yrs ago.

on the silver plate its  stamped with P9209

 here is the  router, anyone know off a possible  supplier here in the UK ?  it would be very much appreciated if you do. thanks for looking.

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