Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I love a good bargain

Hi all I bought this last week off of e bay  it arrived this afternoon .

Its a craftsman router 746-21 heavy duty, originally made for the  English markets at 240v unlike the Americans there own at 110v  same models just a different power requirement .  It was originally bought back on 18/07/1981  from Self-ridges of London  this make it approximately 32 yrs old . It's brand new, never been out of the box, why I don,t know  I tested it here this afternoon and it works fine.

below showing  the base plate unmarked and the router template guide.

front glass  screen with internal light.

As its been in the box for 32 yrs the power lead is very stiff so tomorrow I'll pop out and buy some new I'm just gonna use it and enjoy it
£50 + £6.50 del  :);) hc


Seb Palmer said...

Hi, my dad has one of these, which he's loaning me for a job I need to do. Never used a router of any sort before. Can I get bits for an American device like this in the UK? I don't have the manual or anything like that!

Martin Mackenzie said...

Hi Seb when you say bits do you mean as in cutters if so then yes you can,

If you mean missing parts for the router then you well might have a headache coming your way.

Ebay is always a good source for parts but a very long shot. when sourcing parts you will need the model number and any info shown usually shown on the power plate on top of the machine, good luck.