Friday, 8 November 2013

I,m shutting down Theworkshop.

No No, It doesn't mean I'm going to be selling off any of my tools.

Some time next year, we are moving  to Holland. My daughter lives there  we have traveled  back and forth now for over ten years several time a year to visit Christmas, New year,  birthdays etc  we've  got to love it there, Our last  but one visit  was to a funeral of  Edwin mother  who lost her fight for life after a very long struggle to stay with us all, this sorta brought things to a head.

While there my daughter says, mum if you or dad, were ever in that position I just could not get that sort of  time off work to be with you near the end, why not,  yea you guessed the rest, Still in the early stages as yet ref the move itself,  but it not  just the house to consider here  theworkshop a lifetime of  bits and pieces, they  all add up to a lot of items that has to be sorted which simply cannot be left till the last minute,  Keepers, things to pass on too number one son, and things I have to be very brutal and have to dispose of.

I decided to make a start with removal quotes (ouch).  I now have a load of packing boxes  made a start  on sorting and packing  all items that are not being used regularly.

Oh dear why did I keep all this stuff,  I must have been nuts, Anyway  this is where I found my first big mistake, I  retired a few years ago from my jobbing days.  I have a painters trade storage  bin for my wet painting brushes to which I have not touched for several years.

I had from time to time replace the bottles of brush mate inside the bin  to keep the brushes wet and soft, but yep  you guessed it I  had completely forgotten to replace the brush mate liquid and the brushes were rock hard, all ten of them, now feeling very sick,  very very stupid mistake to make and its going to be very costly to replace those brushes.

The inside of the bin was all furred up and  needed cleaning out, I also had to replace the wick, and base pad these should have been replaced a long time ago, it was time to bit the bullet and source new accessories.

I bought a new wick, a new base pad, and a couple of bottles of brush mate. I was going to purchase a new set of brushes, but, remembering  how much those brushes cost me,  Hamilton brushes are expensive.
I inquired about any possible  chemicals  that just may be available to  restore my brushes, might make me feel better,  I was recommended the following. Hmm, never tried it before, well, ten brushes one bottle not enough.  I bought four bottles, well at least cheaper than a new set of new brushes, if it works that is, might at least be able to  salvage some of my brushes hopefully. Well, surprise surprise it  does exactly what it shows on the bottle it  not only clean the brushes from being rock hard it also took all the color out of the wooden handles right back to bare wood.
I left the brushes in the mixture for about four days completely submerged, mistake  but never mind  it did the job.

Each time I checked  I pressed the brush hard till the bristles started to bend pressing more  allowing the  mixture to penetrate  further into the brush softening the bristles as the instruction on the bottle.

This is the second batch  of five brushes stood in white spirits all rock hard.  They were all stood in the  spirits  for over a week  but to no avail.

The lower photo  show the first patch of five brushes after they had been washed out with water,  as  per instruction  I must say   i never thought they would come up so clean and free of paint. A s can be seen no paint left on the handles at all

If you look carefully you can still see on the tip of the bristle on a couple of the brushes   traces of paint, I'll  give those a second  soaking  in a fresh batch of  the solution.

Next batch of dirty brush  as seen here in for a few days soaking.

In the mean time  remove the first batch ( above) from there second  soaking  and wash out with water, after first  wrap  the brush in paper towels   and leave to dry in the sun if you can , the reasoning behind the paper towel is to soak up the water from the bristles while there wrapped tight in the paper  keeping the shape  to the paint brush bristles so the ends don't open up  with bristles poking out all over the place.

Brushes drying in the afternoon sun.

The following day i stood the brushes on end to drain any fluid left inside the stock of the brush and to give a final drying in the sun.Here is why I wrapped them in paper to help keep there shape while the brushes dried in the after noon sun, second pic first batch of brushes dried, last pic showing all brushes now cleaned. 

Now finally  that all brushes are cleaned at last and it going to be   quite a long time before i get to use them  probable  mid to the end of next year. I have decided to store them in the  tin  but this time  keep an eye on them, I'm going to try  an experiment  and try to slow down the evaporation of the brush mate chemicals  escaping from the tin by placing over the top of the tin before i replace the lid a layer of tin foil  to help seal in the fumes from the the brush mate  as seen here. 

As can be seen from this last photo The  brush mate bottle  is now in place with the wick inside the bottle which over the next few days will drain the bottle dry probable  by next weekend I will have to replace this bottle  which  i already have the second one waiting as seen in the photo. The pad that the wick is attached to  will slowly  suck up the  brush mate liquid and  slowly release the chemical inside the tin to help keep your used brushes very soft and stop them from going hard.

Don't do what I did, I completely forget them,  that was quite a costly mistake, but,  never mind well worth doing seeing all my brushes except two are all Hamilton perfections, if I had had to replace them,Ouch.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Oh yea, its now back to the packing.

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