Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Additional tool storage trays.

The closure of theworkshop is progressing slowly but surly. I'm beginning to make a small dent in the accumulated leftovers in my working life items from  customers  and work that I  have done on my past  five homes that were well simply to expensive to throw away, but,  this time I have had to be brutal.

A lot went to the tip and dumped, I have given a lot away, some  sold some on e bay.

Now I'm sorting  tools that will be sold on e bay, many  has already been sold, I'm also  sorting what I will be keeping and taking with me.  They will now go into a short period of storage  while the move takes place and right through until the completion of the purchase of our new home for security/ safety reasons.

While I still have the workshop  I  thought about how to store these tools. I could place them all in cardboard boxes, or make up other tool boxes which in turn take up  extra floor  space  in any workshop plus extra space in the removal van and storage unit, so.

After a great deal of thought I decided to alter my New Tool Cabinet   with out doing any structural alterations to the main tool box its, simply  adding extra storage  drawers above the existing  three base drawers.

I'm going to add two new layers of drawers.  The first a rack of three drawers, with two dividers in each drawer in theory  giving me an extra 9 drawers, the second layer a  rack of  two drawers again with two dividers giving me another 6 drawers.

Left and center  bottom unit  with accuride drawer sliders fitted these drawers will be a full 600mm   in width and  they will open fully to 600mm as well . On the right the second layer of  drawer carcass taking shape these will  be 400mm in width. I still have to source two pair of accuride drawer sliders.

more to follow.

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