Tuesday, 4 October 2016

unknown metal working lathe

Hi all today 04/10/2016 this arrived. As yet I dont know the manufacturer name for it. It is very like an early Drummond but, gut feeling tell me it not for some strange reason. So all, guys & girls any ideas photos etc e mails from you would be much appreciated. (Now identified it is a Drummond M type long bed, Lathe number 1335  this number from factory records dates it back to early 1923) being a long bed makes this a rare lathe. Parts missing now sourced awaiting arrival.  Part still missing  an original  end cover see the bodged up green cover in photo below that where it goes.
(I don't have a photo of what it look like) ANY ONE KNOW OF ONE.?

As soon as I can get it into the workshop I'll post some better photos. In the mean time. please keep checking in I'm really looking forwards to doing this total refurbishment.

 Its still not in the workshop  but not to worry  with the help of my son we managed to lift  and secured  it back on its stand.

Phew far to heavy to carry to theworkshop as it is, I have decided  to stripe off as much as possible first, it has to come apart to be refurbished anyway . Once I have taken off every thing We can  then  carry the main body down to the workshop  which will be much lighter.

Today,  I have made some progress in identifying it, I think the long red handle is a smoke screen, home made, why, ???  I have no idea.  I  noticed some machine drilled threaded holes once  I could see it better at a working height,  now I've realized there was a longitudinal feed bar missing from it.  see in photos  this is indicating more of a possibility its an early Drummond or  My-ford, hopefully  I can find some serial number when it stripped . Stay tuned keep you posted.

Today 05/10/2016 great afternoon in the sun, time well spent stripping,  all the upper parts removed, surprised me the time this lathe spent out in all weathers none of it ceased up. Nearly all stripped what left on the main base unit will be stripped in the workshop.

Just waiting for Number 1 son to come home from work then we will lift the base unit off the stand and down to the workshop, that is some chunk of metal. At the turn of the century they certainly knew how to build machines.

All parts waiting for stripping everything back to bare metal first.

Hi all here we are now back from a weeks holiday spent in Mamaris Turkey it was lovely.

 As you can see, its all in pieces now, I've tried  paint stripper it does work but, it doesn't get it completely clean and right back to bare metal,  sort of 99 %, I've just won on eBay a second hand battery charger 10a heavy duty unit, I can now set up  an electrolysis  tank to remove everything right back  to clean bare metal ready for painting, make life a little easier.

Battery  Charger arrived earlier today,  now  I need to source a suitable  tank or large tub.

This is where it will sit when not in use, Now I,m off t to sort a suitable tank and a donor chunk of metal.

Here it is unpacked  and in the workshop.

OK electrolysis  tank now set up and working  its very slow  but very thorough.  In the tank are some of the smaller bolts and some of the smaller parts, Rather than placing one item in one at a time I bought a flour sifter, snipped of the handle and wired is as a tripod connected the other ends of the wire  to the cross bar  and connected the neutral clip from the battery charger to them. bubbling away nicely.  Its needs to be in there much long to get that heavy rust off  removed just for the photos.

I sourced both of the head stock cog guards,  there hung up with a coat of paint remover left on them over night, I'll give them a wire brushing later to day  and a second coat of paint remover  clean them up then into the  tank for a final clean off t.

Yesterday I applied the first  primer coat to the tail stock (seen below), once all the bolts and locking levers are done I'm going to rebuild the tail stock without the  top coat of paint, primarily for two reasons.

1. I intend to send the base bed off to get the bed reground so don,t want top coat paint ruined in this process.

2. When the bed is reground they will regrind the base of the tail stock, and head stock  at the same time so they all seat down at the correct levels, once this has been down then I'll  strip it all apart again and apply top coat.

loads more to come, (I have managed to find a source for the main  cogs guard still awaiting photos and a price for it, so stay tuned on this one.)  Still awaiting a reply.

Started to rebuild the  tail stock  but only with grey primer on it for now, im off on holiday  to see my daughter again today  so  spent the morning in the workshop  getting what pieces had just come out of the electrolysis  bucket ready and primed.

I  also now have to get another brand new bucket as this one has sprung a leek.

As i was killing time  just before my holiday i decided to chuck a plug on the motor to this lath  the wiring is very bad and  grumbling away with splits every where, but what i thought was a knackered motor due to the  time the lathe was outside in all wind and weather, its a runner nice surprise, that will save me a lot of money, as soon as, I'll strip it oil grease and maybe some new bearing lick of paint completely rewire the whole system, more on that later.

Tail stock placed back on the lathe bed, as yet not finished due to leaking  electrolysis bucket sprung a leek ,next into the bucket was to be the tail stock wheel and a few other bits ,but ha ho it will have to wait till i get back  and buy a new bucket.

I'll see if i can source some new chrome  lever lock handles if not I will have to paint these black.

Earlier in the week I tested the bed for flatness with a very accurate  straight edge and a set of feeler gauges  all flat right down to the end in front of the head-stock where I could only just slip it under with a thickness of 0.002 gauge.

Its progressed  very slowness over the last few weeks, I did managed to source the end covers           (complete with back panel and brkt) to cover all the gear cogs, I've also purchased a better  1/2"chuck and key the old one two badly pitted to use safely,  sourced a new arbor and key for an older  chuck albeit 3/8  plus two new  centers  one with a floating head, so all in all a lot of down time on the laptop.

In the workshop pieces were soaking in the electrolysis tank  which has now aloud me to reassemble the tail stock. While assembling the tail stock I discovered a major problem.

 As  can be seen  my problem is, two missing adjustment screws. As far as I'm aware these are for minute adjustment to line up the tail stock with the head stock.(dead center) My problem here is where do i source these from without having to buy a complete second hand tail stock? any ideas?.

Well i searched and searched but, I could not find those missing bolts several weeks has now passed. I had to bit the bullet  and source another tail-stock this time a complete one,  seem a lot of money just to source two  bolts but, all is not lost once the lathe is up and running the first job  I,ll do is turn two replacement bolt fit them into the second tail-stock and flog it on, this way  when my lathe is nearing completion I can at least adjust and get the tail-stock lined up with the head stock to be able to turn these two bolts.

Whilst trying to source those bolts other thing are still happening like  the cross slide is now stripped apart and is going through  various stages of refurbishment paint stripper  and electrolysis to remove most of the rust  before I start its final cleanup and reassembly.

Second coat of paint stripper, wash off tomorrow then its ready for electrolysis.

 Part of the cross slide already brewing,  the brew just beginning to start bubbling.

Base stand  with its second coating  on the underside  wash and cleanup tomorrow the turn it over and start all over again on the inside.

 While  all this is happening in the evening its back to the internet and good old ebay sourcing time,  to start tooling up the lathe thing like:-

1.   1mt Arbor for a 3/8 chuck + missing chuck key as well.
2.   1mt 1/2  Jacobs chuck  complete.
3.   1mt 1/2 floating arbor.
4    1mt  4 pronged arbor.
5.  10mm lathe chuck key.
6.  Tool rest for wood turning.
7.  20mm * 6mm *1.2m flat bar  for missing linkage arm.
8.  End casing

It has finally turned up its in excellent condition. I started to polish up the nuts and bolts, I made a make do polishing pad on my old wood turning lathe as can be seen in the following photos  all in all a busy  few day with lot more to come.