Friday, 6 July 2012

refurbing my other vice

My second vice is a record 52 1/2 in the same sort of condition as the other vice .

Before I make a start I want to show you all what I meant by the statement I made in my previous post.

Most of the cleaning is either old grease someone used in the past, or oil and dried sawdust which time clogs up the drive threads making it difficult to use your vice.


When I stripped this vice, I was shocked at what I found best described as years of neglect see for your selves. I have clean out the top two thread in the clutch housing just so you can see the thickness of grease and saw dust that has clogged up the clutch over the years making it very difficult to disengage the clutch to open or close the vice.

The clutch housing on this vice is enclosed, making it a poor design IMHO,  all the saw dust  gathers inside and it get stiffer to use the last owner just kept adding oil  to make it work again, After time the oils and saw dust becomes crusted, hence why it now left soaking in white sprites to soften till next week. In the mean time over the weekend start to clean the rest of the vice.

The re-build. Am I clad that all the cleaning is now done, the clutch housing design made it extremely difficult to clean  out, it was  very time consuming, don't want to do that again.Anyway it's done now.

Here we see on the left  all part cleaned, central  the clutch  actual now it has a spline, right looking into the clutch housing.

I made reference  in the other vice thread as to what was the difference between the  52/1/2e and the 52 1/2  that if you knew to let me know, well now I can tell you now.

The  52/1/2 has a manual hand operated quick release lever, the 52 1/2E has an  automatic  hand operated quick release lever, i.e. with the quick release lever move it to the left and the clutch disengages release the lever it  springs automatically back to the right and the clutch automatically re-engages  locking the clutch on the spline.

With this vice52/1/2 you have to move the lever to the left to disengages  the clutch and that is all that happens, to re-engage the clutch onto the spline you have to move manual the quick release lever back to the right to lock the spline, to re-engage the clutch onto the spline.

Left, vice  reassembled looking into the enclosed clutch housing, when lever is moved to the left the clutch has  disengaged from the spline, middle to lock spine move lever  back to the right as seen here with the clutch re-engaged onto the spline.  Right  vice now assembled and ready for painting, Now all you need to do is  replace split pin the the end of spline  your vice is now completed.

In conclusion .

The  record 52/1/2  is obviously the forerunner  to the 52 1/2E Now having  refurbished the two  vices which IMHO  is the better  of the two  vice, with any doubt at all  it's the 52 1/2E  with it's automatic quick release  lever . The latter vice  being a revamped version which is  a much improved version and far superior vice in all aspects.

Being a professional joiner I have always used the quick release vices and now after refurbishing a manual vice and seeing how it all works inside  I can't  see myself working with one automatic vice and one manual vice  fitted to the same bench.

The 52 1/2, I intensely dislike  the enclosed clutch housing on it.  I  don't like the manual lever at all and the way it's assembled inside the clutch housing, I suppose for someone say a DIY er or the occasional weekend worker  yes it would be fine for them, but not for me, ah well nothing ventured nothing gained.  enjoy. hc

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