Thursday, 26 March 2009

upgrading a Stanley planes No 5


I did this to my planes IMHO it's was needed for this particular plan a newish jack no 5 which had a lot of slack around the y lever and pin which was bent and out of square with the frog gullets there was also slack on the adjuster wheel nut as well.

Primarily I wanted to remove as much slack from the plane as possible , I wanted to adjust my plane whilst using it with the slightest touch in either direction , when I took the frog to pieces it was easy to see what the problems were, bent securing pin ,out of square with the frog gullets , and a lot of slack around the y lever hole where the pin slips through, and slack in the yoke lobes.

So i sat and thought about how to remove as much slack as I could . The two other threads on this subject dealt only with the nose of the y lever to take into account the extra length needed to cope with the thicker blade from lie Nielsen, which in itself is fine, as I know works OK .

When you look at the y lever it like a nodding donkey in an oilfield with three point of contact
1. the nose 2. the pin 3. the yoke lobes on the y lever poorly engineering)

The main work will be to the y level it self , which the metal quality to it in itself is very poor so do be careful how you handle them whilst working on it , First i started by drilling the hole through the new larger centre pin to accept the old style centre pin which has to be a snug fit.

LHphoto This is the offending plane. RHphoto old chuck set in vice whilst drilling .


LHphoto the y lever before and after being drilled

MIDphoto drilled with new short centre bar still to be drilled

RHphoto assembled temp in Y lever


Both LEFT & RIGHT PHOTO temporarily assembled in frog in these two photos , here the y lever is still to be lengthened to fit the thickness of the lie Nielsen blade .

Photo showing y lever recess in old Stanley chip breaker , with new thicker lie Nielsen blade behind , it can clearly be seen the y lever nose now need lengthen and made slightly thinker to fill recess in chip breaker to eliminate any judder or backlash in blade movement.


Preparation of the y lever , its fiddle buy can be done by now you should be asking your self do i have the skills to do this if you don't feel right about doing it your self then ask someone else .

Be very careful with the heat you wont need much , flux the job well and the solder itself, it will help it to run easier, I couldn't manage to solder and take a photo at the same time so I'm sorry no photo of the job being done .

various stages of construction of new shape to nose on the y lever .


LHhoto This Photo showing fine shavings coming from the plane which I'm sure i can improve on a little more.

RHphoto offending plane AFTER the finish plane with the lie Nielsen blade fitted.


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

my workshop

Hi all

This is my workshop ,which I built with my son Ian, a lifelong friend Pip, and my future son in law Edwin a Dutchman who all helped me get it all erected in one day with tarpaulin covering the roof . My daughter Louise, Wife Pam , Annie Pipes wife and little Ryan my Grandson all helped with the bacon sandwiches and kept the beer coming all day long .

looking down to the decking area where we spend the summer months with security light on these also double up when were there in the evenings, nice place to barbecue and just general hang out,sun trap,lovely, still got to run an extra power line for the fridge for those lovely cool beers on the long summer days till you gentle nod off in the sun.

Photobucket Photobucket

Showing water butts that catch all our rain for those long summer days when my plants need a nice cool drink and an over flow when full returning all excess water to the ground soak away . late September with the wisteria in full leaf it's beginning to get well established now in it third year, with hanging basket of fuchsia gone past there best.


Just finished the roof in green fibreglass and all the exterior feather edge boarding coated with thee coat of natural pine Sadolin. I located it as far from any neighbours as i could so it's not close enough to cause a nuisance with the noise from machines.