Friday, 14 December 2012

Record sash clamps

I've  had one of these now tucked away in the corner of the workshop for years and never used it,  I bought two more  a couple of 30" old dogs, all rusty off  of e bay a few week back, I paid £17.00 including the postage  for the pair, bargain, you know the usual,  missing pins old bolts  thread all rusty difficult to use etc.

I don't like fiddling with bolts while I'm trying to clamp and assemble  something together with the glue setting off fast. I decided to refurbish them back to there original condition. After  a little research for Records replacement  pins with chains which costed out at £10.95  per clamp * 3  £32.85 nah.  I decided to source my own Material .

My first find was the tapered pins I used  2" * 11/32" *10  from e bay. I purchased a pk of 10 and there was thirteen in the packet (extras nice) £5 .  Quick trip to B/Q   2m  of chain  £4.40. Euro  fasteners for the split rings for each end of the chain  20  £1.60   enough materials to do  ten in number clamps total cost £11.

First a bloody good de-rust all roundand a quick coat of blue paint made them must more presentable, as seen above.

When the pins turned up they were slightly bigger diameter than I had anticipated, but no  problem   I re drilled all the holes  along the length of the clamps  using the variable speeds drill I recently refurbished (startrite) using a 8.5mm drill on a speed of 210 rpm the drill went through these clamps like slicing through butter.  To hold the pin  while I drilled through it I drilled a 6mm hole in the end of an off cut of oak,  taped in the  tapered pins till they just nipped in tight then clamped the oak in the drill vice as shown below.

The rest was straight forward cutting lengths of chain  feeding split rings on at both ends and then connecting them to the heals of the bottom shoe's through there pre-drill holes,  and the other end  through the new holes that I drilled in the tapered pins.  Here in this  photo it shows all three new pins  connected and finished with all the old and new bling left over.

There you go three old dogs refurbished, ready to use , that now leaves me to oil them all over and make a  rack to hang them on with enough space for a load more clamps still to come.

Finally  the hanging rack, simply made from off cuts of scrap  four slots cut  to allow for and extra  30" clamp to make up a complete second pair.  Enough space to the right to hang my 48" clamps and space in the middle to hang a set of 36 " clamps , but that's another thread.

ps .
Split ring used  were smaller than what was original used by record I found  some times they got in the way  when clamping and could  actual get caught up and get crushed  ending up  all bent and twisted and some times broken that why some of the pins were missing so I bought smaller rings,  mind you they are fiddly to fit but well worth the trouble.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what size split ring you used to attach the chain on your sash clamp?

Martin Mackenzie said...

Hi I've just added a photo for you hope this helps. martin