Thursday, 26 March 2009

upgrading a Stanley planes No 5


I did this to my planes IMHO it's was needed for this particular plan a newish jack no 5 which had a lot of slack around the y lever and pin which was bent and out of square with the frog gullets there was also slack on the adjuster wheel nut as well.

Primarily I wanted to remove as much slack from the plane as possible , I wanted to adjust my plane whilst using it with the slightest touch in either direction , when I took the frog to pieces it was easy to see what the problems were, bent securing pin ,out of square with the frog gullets , and a lot of slack around the y lever hole where the pin slips through, and slack in the yoke lobes.

So i sat and thought about how to remove as much slack as I could . The two other threads on this subject dealt only with the nose of the y lever to take into account the extra length needed to cope with the thicker blade from lie Nielsen, which in itself is fine, as I know works OK .

When you look at the y lever it like a nodding donkey in an oilfield with three point of contact
1. the nose 2. the pin 3. the yoke lobes on the y lever poorly engineering)

The main work will be to the y level it self , which the metal quality to it in itself is very poor so do be careful how you handle them whilst working on it , First i started by drilling the hole through the new larger centre pin to accept the old style centre pin which has to be a snug fit.

LHphoto This is the offending plane. RHphoto old chuck set in vice whilst drilling .


LHphoto the y lever before and after being drilled

MIDphoto drilled with new short centre bar still to be drilled

RHphoto assembled temp in Y lever


Both LEFT & RIGHT PHOTO temporarily assembled in frog in these two photos , here the y lever is still to be lengthened to fit the thickness of the lie Nielsen blade .

Photo showing y lever recess in old Stanley chip breaker , with new thicker lie Nielsen blade behind , it can clearly be seen the y lever nose now need lengthen and made slightly thinker to fill recess in chip breaker to eliminate any judder or backlash in blade movement.


Preparation of the y lever , its fiddle buy can be done by now you should be asking your self do i have the skills to do this if you don't feel right about doing it your self then ask someone else .

Be very careful with the heat you wont need much , flux the job well and the solder itself, it will help it to run easier, I couldn't manage to solder and take a photo at the same time so I'm sorry no photo of the job being done .

various stages of construction of new shape to nose on the y lever .


LHhoto This Photo showing fine shavings coming from the plane which I'm sure i can improve on a little more.

RHphoto offending plane AFTER the finish plane with the lie Nielsen blade fitted.


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