Thursday, 22 July 2010

setting tool

Hi all. I bought these magnets from E bay I had been looking for them after I'd seen these planer setting tools being made somewhere else on the net.

I cut and prepared two length of oak 18*50*600mm yours may vary depending on your  model planer place the two together place one end flush with the far end of the out feed table and mark in from both ends  of the out-feed table  by 50 mm and mark.

Now  leave the oak timber in its place with the far end level with the end of the out feed table turn your cutter block till one blade is at TDC as it just scuffs the oak and mark  a third position,  this marks is for the position to screw the third magnet forming TDC. Now screw all magnets to there marks, turn them over place the far end level to the end of out feed table  the third magnet is now directly over TDC.  your jig is now completed.

(WARNING) These magnets are very strong be careful I found out to my cost when trying to separate two which snapped back and removed a large lump of flesh from my finger.

Please note above leading edge of planer blade the centre of magnet and the scribed line are now lined up. I then made a small curved wedge to slip in between the cutter roller to lock roller with no movement.

First turn the roller cutter by hand till one of the blades reaches it top dead centre and lines up with the scribed line on the frame work, this is Indicating (TDC) clearly seen in the left photo.


A. First wind up the in-feed table till its at it’s zero position on the depth setting scales, then wind up or down the out-feed table using a straight edge till its absolutely level with your in-feed table and lock the out-feed table in that position. Both table's are now at there correct level. Wind down the in-feed table. B place  in the curved wedge and wind up the in-feed table till it pinches the wedge tight to stop any rotation making sure the leading edge of the blade is adjacent to the scribed line on the block. Repeat this  for the first second and third blade.

Setting in your sharp blades. Place in the first blade with just enough pinch on it so when you place the jig in it position over the blade at TDC the third magnet will push down the blade to it correct height  the same as the out feed table and hold it there for you as you lock the nuts to lock it in it final place, repeat  on blade two, and three.

Now wind up your in-feed table to it's zero position.  Now you have the in-feed table the blades and the out-feed table all set to the exact same height, check it with a straight edge. Now simple set your depth of cut for planing.  The blades are now set correctly, now there will be no snipe at either end of your timber when planing

Now turn the jig over and lay in it correct position. When any planer knifes have just been reset and you rotate the planers roller  by hand when the blade reaches TDC you should just feel the blade scuff the timber ONLY without moving the timber jig forwards, anyone who says differently is wrong, if your timber moves forwards  the blades are set to high because the blades have actually lifted the timber very slightly this is what  causes  snipe on the ends of your timber.


Enjoy . hc

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