Thursday, 29 March 2012

Drill tidy

Hi all, it's been some time  since I posted a new thread here on my own blog.  Well I'm back with a vengeance.  As the title says drill tidies  I  already have one, I thought it would be nice to have a second one to house some new  Drills bits  so I can keep all my drill bits around next to the pillar drill at arms length.

I know,I know, I am more than capable of making a drill tidy from wood.

I had a major operation last October now having got the all clear from the docs I need to catch up with my work load  at home but, I still need to ease back into to work slowly  so need to take it steady. Drill tidies advertised in last year axminster catalogue was only £9.40 so thought I would treat myself, haha,  Now discontinued with none left in any of there other shop either. Well I guess I have now got to make one  so here goes. Axminster drill tidy. Here's my drill tidy.

Well after thinking things through I decided on a bit of a shunt around with shelving etc to be able to keep thing tidier and have all my drill bits and bobs close at hand to the pillar drill. Next it's time to make a start I decided just to drill a set of holes into an off-cut  of MDF , I decided to make it from two layers screwed together. I  first drill all the holes required through one layer then screwed the two layers together  forming the base to all the holes.

As seen below, showing marked layout and some of the drill bits etc to be fitted.

The drill board  made, and in it's place,  with room on the board for plenty of expansion  still to come, I'll order the rest of the  Forster bits as and when I need them holes pre drilled for them. The second Photo you can see the six drawer unit  which at the moment hold  a lot of old bits and bobs  all waiting to be disposed of,  this unit will become my  storage unit for all my router bits , but,  yea you guess it that's another thread.

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