Wednesday, 6 July 2011

chute shoot shooting- board mk1

Hi guys, spent the afternoon knocking up this. I have never used one nor owned one either, built it primarily to help with the sliding trays that will be built into my drawers on the new tool cabinet, so thought just in case I don't like using it just a quicky to start with, maybe build a better one later, seemed a bit strange to start off with need to practice a bit with this just to get the hang of it. just wondering those of you who have them and use them what sort do you have? and did any of you make any alteration to yours as you went along .

Well here goes mk2.

MK1  scrapped well not entirely  the over hang of 1/8 "  has been removed  and an Oak edging strip  glued in it place, an oak 10mm  running strip was also glued on late last night, this morning set the  T5  and remove a few shaving to form the running edge then  squared up the fence and screwed it on permanently.  last but not lest,  using scotch tap glued onto the edge of the fence a strip of  sandpaper to add that extra grip  to the edge of the work pieces.

Well so far so good, I just spent a lot of energy  preparing the blade using the scary sharp method, first getting the basic angle at 30 degrees  and then adjusting my Veritas sharpening jig  by 2 degrees to get the  the finished cutting angle  all highly polished but it don't seem sharp enough , hmm  maybe it the steel quality of the record blade or  maybe  I got the cutting angle totally wrong for  planing end grain ?.

To adjust the Veritas  plane sharpening jig ,select  no 2  and set width to   no  2   being it's a 2"blade then set standard  length at 30 degrees  as seen in pics  set lower  brass roller wheel at 12 : O clock,  remove  gauge and  grind away  till grinding angle is completed, then set lower  roller to 6 : O clock and proceed to  set  sharpened angle till completed.

Have I got the angle wrong, bear in mind it is a record T5 it's not a low angle plane , so  what is the correct angle for planing end grain , what do you set your iron at  to get the best results?


Mark Rhodes said...

Looks good Martin, I don't use them myself anymore, but have done in the past. Used to have a 45°, 22.5°, and a 90°. Never used a angled one like yours though, is it better than a standard shooting board?

Martin said...

hi mark, It's the first time I have used one today, I'm lead to believe because of the slope if shooting a widish work piece starting at the back edge your shooting with top edge of the blade so as you shoot down and get closer to the front of the work piece your using the bottom edge of the blade so you actually use nearly the entire width of the blade, not like on a flat board and only use one part of the blade.

Your board sounds interesting with a different degrees set-up on it any pics mark.

Mark Rhodes said...

Alas no, but I had one for each degree, and even a 45° for mitering box's. There is a pic of that on my blog under rosewood jewelry box.

Martin said...

cheers Mark I will take a look later tonight, thanks. Martin