Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mods to a Record T5, with Lie nielsen Blade

I've decided at long last modify all my Stanley Bailey planes, I'm upgrading them with Lie Nielsen  blades and this time I'm also replacing the old  Stanley chip breakers  with the new thicker Lie Nielsen  chip breakers.

I did  do an earlier upgrade on a Stanley Bailey No 5 the post found here  in my blog which I will supply a link to  a little later, I did not at that time up grade the chip breaker to the No 5, that one will also  be included in these  up grades, to that plane  there will be an  alteration that I did to the sideways lateral movement that I'm not happy with, it  didn't work quite as I had hoped so that modification will be removed from the plane  and a another y  lever fitted to accommodate the extra thickness with a new  Lie Nielsen chip breaker being fitted.

Lucky for me as seen  here to save a lot of time I already have some spare y lever that I previously lengthened when I did the original  Stanley upgrade.

The y lever was fitted into a spare  frog from an old Stanley No 5  that's among my spare parts  so it was easily remove by tapping out the  securing pin  then doing the same to frog on the T5 and  then refitting the frog into the T5.

Above showing the record y lever before removal after fitting and a comparison with a second T5 showing the difference in the two lengths to cope with the new Lie Nielsen blade and chip breaker.

Next comes the alteration to the mouth of the plane  body  to allow  the  extra thick blade to slip through the body to be able to plane timber .

Shown here partly altered,  I filed out the mouth to allow the blade to just slide through it  for now,  the blade as yet unsharpened.

The mouth showing daylight, after the blade is sharpened this may still require a final  adjustment.

  The blade just showing through the sole as yet still unsharpened .

Finally the blade and chip breaker fitted,  the first of many planes still to do, the next one will be to do the alterations on the No 5  after that next the No 3  But still have to order the  blade and chip breaker for that one.

I still have to sharpen the blade an do the complete refurbishment of this plane  but as you have  already guessed  those will be other posts. 

Plane blade now sharpened  grind angle 25 degrees Scary sharpened 30 degrees , shaving in my palm are from end grain and in the micrometer, down the edge curly shaving  from the same piece of oak  now set to take shaving at 0.01mm, I'm chuffed.

ENJOY. Martin


Anonymous said...

Hi. I notice you had to file the mouth to take a thicker iron. Did you fit the very thick iron Lie-Nielsen make for their own planes, or the thinner one they make to fit Stanleys/Records? Cheers, Vann.

Martin said...

Hello Vann, the ones lie Nielsen make make for the Stanley planes as in time so will all my Stanley Planes be fitted with them these are much thicker than the normal Stanley standard blades hope this of some help to you, any queries please ask I'll do my best to answer.

On the t5 I also fitted there new chip breaker for the first time as well it's an experiment at the moment so cant really give you any updates on that as yet, I'm laid up at the moment after major surgery I cant get back into the workshop to early spring next year So no updates till then sorry. MARTIN