Saturday, 9 July 2011

creusen bench grinder

This old bench grinder a Creusen NS 5215T: I have had now for more years that  I can remember , bought from axminster tools in axminster when they were in there original shop in the high street. Its never hand a great deal of  use  most of it's use was  in my jobbing days  where it was set-up in the back of my van. Since I retired it's hardly seen any use at all, in fact the right hand wheel which is the water stone had seized up with rust from lack of use.

I have managed to free up the spindle so at least both wheels are now  turning, Thought it's about time this machine had a complete strip apart and complete rebuild before I bring it into workshop use as I remember it was not a cheap grinder, seen here before work starts.

The above Photos show the grinder before during and after stripping, with one knackered wheel.

Below Shows grinder,  stripped gear box reassembled temporarily + part awaiting  reassembly and paint

I have  now been trying to source a new  aluminium oxide wheel of 200mm x  40mm  with a bore of 15mm  with a grit of 220. after a lot of searching  and and  questions I didn't find many that were  40mm wide and all had a  different bore size  which in turn meant either use a spacer to make up  the difference on the spindle or have the  spindle turned down in size  to fit the smaller bore, but more surprisingly the cost of the wheel  varied from £62- £82  wow. On the cheaper end of the market you can buy  the entire machine for under £40 complete with wheels.

I have now been forced to rethink this refurbishment entirely, however I have placed a  bid on a  Dakota  wet stone grinder on e-bay, I still have a few options left open here  but lets Waite to see how that goes.

Well I've  had the  Dakota wet grinder know for some time ,  I am very disappointed with it not what I expected at all,  Just not my idea of a wet grinder.

So back to my creusen time now to source another wet stone for that instead.

Here it is  freshly painted,now  awaiting a new wet wheel. I have decided to do away with the original grinding jigs it came with to much flex in them to hold the plane blade square to the grinding wheels, so have just ordered  some new ones, but that another thread.

Ha ah   finally it's taken me over a year to track down this wheel,  while on holiday here in Holland with my daughter  I mentioned to Edwin her partner that I was still  looking for my  water-stone he very kindly rang cruesen, I had told him  I had rung Creusen a year earlier  only to be told sorry sir  there obsolete, he rang  them  and was told certainly sir we have them in stock, Grrrrr,  but a very good price 37.50 euros  it arrived  yesterday,  they also supplied an address in England  who I have also contacted, I have now placed an order for a second stone as well.

When i get it home fit it dress it off to get it true balance and then start to build all the new  different grinding jigs around it, but as  I said that's another thread.

There it is fitted, awaiting some more jigs for completion, but as you have already guessed that another post. enjoy.


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