Monday, 17 May 2010

New lathe chisel handles

I finished setting up the lathe when the new rubber feet arrived which are self adhesive pads I purchased these to help absorb sound through the rubber feet instead of hearing noise on the bare floor boards . After my little oops (first attempt)of turning I decided it was through picking up the wrong turning chisel , I decided to put a few away for now till I have practised a lot more and regained my skill seeing it's many years since I did any turning. Most of the scrapper chisel I have are quite big from the two shown in the photo in another post here.

I decided to reshape the two chisels that were home attempts of turning by someone else although the steel tangs were Robert Sorby's, I ground one into a scrapper and the other reshaped into a gouge chisel and turn up two new handles.

Hunted round for some suitable timber to make handles then realized I had stashed away, above my head some old curtain poles they could have been a bit bigger in circumference but never mind the first of the two handles has turned out not to bad at all see photos. any comments welcome .

First photo show from left short length of pole before turning The new handle when finished in the middle the pattern which I copied from and on the right the two chisel which are to have the new handles fitted . the second photo showing pattern and new handle . The last two photos showing the finished handles and with tangs fitted as there are today and being used.

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